Can I Have Your Attention?

Series: The God of Second Chances

9/10/2023 - 10/1/2023

We may drift away, or intentionally run away from God, but He NEVER stops pursuing us. This is a series on the book of Jonah.

8/6/2023 - 8/27/2023

Church hurt. Pain inflicted in a place meant for healing. It’s an unfortunate reality in the Church. So, what do we do with our hurt and how we do begin...


Jesus’ ministry began with a simple invite – the same one we use. An invite to “Come and see.”

6/25/2023 - 7/23/2023

Through these stories of courage in the book of Daniel, we’ll discover God’s faithfulness in a faithless world. And it CAN happen AGAIN. All we have to do is STAND!...


Our Heavenly Father’s promise is available to every one of us, but we have to trust Him and step into our calling.

5/21/2023 - 6/11/2023

What if the key to self-improvement wasn’t in thinking more about yourself… but instead, becoming selfless?


You are seen. You are appreciated. You are loved. You are alive for such a time as this! Join us for a special Mother’s Day message as we dive into...


When we look to Scripture, it clearly defines what it looks like to live a life built fully on Jesus.