Strongholds of Anxiety & Depression

Series: Bend, Don't Break

5/12/2024 - 6/2/2024

Struggling with mental health has been a stigma for far too long in the Church. In every one of us, there is a breaking point. How can we discover the...

4/7/2024 - 5/5/2024

Doubt Evangelism Faith

How can you be sure that Jesus is who He says He is? Let’s unpack the Gospel of Luke to find proof of the trustworthiness of Scripture and the Savior....


Are you or someone you know currently stuck in a season of sickness, sorrow, anxiety, pain, doubt, defeat, or uncertainty with no chance of hope for change? It may look...

3/17/2024 - 3/24/2024

They say a person's final words reveal a lot about their true character. Their hopes, their fears, their undying love. What can we learn from the final words of Jesus?...


In a special recap message, we look at Jesus' greatest command as we pursue blessing and loving our neighbors.

2/18/2024 - 3/3/2024

Expectations Love Marriage Sex

If you have a pulse, you have the potential to fall in love. But instead of following culture, we want to follow God’s design for love and marriage.

2/4/2024 - 2/11/2024

Here at Victory, gamechangers are people who leverage their lives for eternal impact. To serve others the way Jesus did. We want to inspire and challenge both current and future...

1/7/2024 - 1/28/2024

Imagine if you could predict your own future... while we can't predict EVERYTHING, we can certainly do SOMETHING to shape our future. Are you ready to step into a future...