From Online to On Mission.

This is what we strive for through Victory Everywhere. Through our online platforms, we are able to reach more people than we ever have before, in areas we've never been able to reach before. But with online gatherings, connection becomes that much more important. At Victory, we want to be fully engaged, and it's no different through Victory Everywhere. It may look different, but the mission and vision remain the same. We want to offer as many opportunities as we can to connect with everyone watching online, and help them find and take their next steps.

Use the quick links on this page to learn more about Victory Everywhere and how you can get connected online wherever you are. We highly encourage you to check out our best practices section to help you get the most out of watching online, especially with a group. You can also find info about our Kids and Students online gatherings, as well as a request to start your own Victory Everywhere site, or to join a Victory Everywhere Group.


We want to connect with you wherever you are. No matter your location, we can help you take your next step, whatever that may be. Click the links below for more information on how you can get involved.



Invite Others To Watch With You

We encourage you to leverage the online experience to invite others, whether that means into your home, or to watch with you online.


Do Your Best To Clear Out Distractions

Create an environment of worship and connection by removing distractions as much as possible. Find a space in your home where everyone you're planning on watching with can watch comfortably, and set it up to be warm and inviting. Help everyone stay focused on the service and prepare to discuss afterwards with the questions that are provided.


Prepare Communion Ahead Of Time

Each week at Victory, we take communion during our services, and we want this to extend into our Victory Everwhere environments as well. We encourage you to join us in taking communion at home. It doesn't have to be a cracker and juice, just find something at your home, or plan to pick up something at the store ahead of time, that you can serve as communion. If you have others over to watch with you, make sure to prepare enough for everyone in advance.


Participate With Us At Home

It's easy to want to just watch your screen, but to get the most out of your online experience, we want to invite you to participate! Sing during worship, connect with others in the chat, react to the message, etc. Participating in every aspect of the service will give you a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience overall, and may open doors to connection!

Use proper technology for streaming the worship service.

You don’t have to have the latest, greatest technology to host a Victory Everywhere gathering at home, but some attention to detail and basic requirements will go a long way for a smooth experience.

Streaming Platform

We are currently streaming services to the following platforms.

Facebook Live

YouTube Live

Internet Speed

Don’t wait until the start of the service to make sure it works.


HD Quality


SD Quality

Is it fast enough? Check speeds here ›


Every week, we offer exciting, age-appropriate, online content on demand for
your preschool and elementary kids! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, or
subscribe on YouTube. To see past messages and set reminders for upcoming
broadcasts, click 'Watch Now.'

Watch More


You can find our latest Victory Students messages on-demand on our YouTube channel. High School and Middle School students are encouraged to connect with us on YouTube. You can also find past messages here. Click 'learn more' to see other ways students can connect with us online. 


You don't have to be local to join a group here at Victory! Our Victory Everywhere groups are meeting over Zoom or other web chat services, and are comprised of people from all over the United States. If joining a group is your next step, no matter where you are, even if it's international, we would invite you to get involved in a Victory Everywhere group.

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Still have questions about Victory Everywhere? Click the button below to contact us and let us know. Someone will get back will you as soon as we can!

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